Zotero update in Linux Mint

How do you upgrade your Zotero in Linux mint ? well this gave me headache for some times …
and turn out , it is simple. But kind of hard to find the how to.
Currently I am usingĀ  Linux Mit 18.1 Cinamon – 64 bit with Zotero version 5.0.34

When you are using Zotero in Mint, most likely you wont use your root user all the time. Therefore, when you run zotero in your user account and zotero automatically check the update, it won’t work. It will says that you don’t have enough privilege.

what should you do ?
simple, start your zotero from terminal using sudo.

and you will get warning like this. just click continue.

Go to help and click update

Follow the process. Close the zotero, start with current user, do not use sudo anymore.
And now you will have an updated zotero.

Warning, a possible problem.
When you do this update, it possible that when you start your zotero, the database location changed itu default location. If you have custom location / folder, you have to point the direction to your own folder. If not, you will feel that you loose all the full text from the zotero. Since Zotero cannot locate the exact location of Zotero.
Plus, in Sync setting, it will automatically make sync of everything including full text. Which is I rarely choose this option.

Good luck with updating.