zotero part 14: common error

During my teaching and giving workshop for writing, I always suggest to use zotero. Well, actually you can use other software, me personally use zotero since 2008 .. and because of that, I already have thousands of collection. Therefore I dont want to change to another product. And YES, I tried other product too (EndNote and Mendeley). Even I have 3 of this in my computer, since I have to deal with IT support for students and lectures.As usually, there are always problems occurred. Nothing is perfect. These are the common problems that often ask by students (the number will be increased)

Q: Can not save from browser
A: Please check whether you already install the zotero connector. This connector is small app that installed to your
browser. The function is to communicate between browser to zotero. In zotero download, it will appear the browser that you
use. If you are using Chrome, it will detect chrome. If you are using Safari, it will provide the link for safari. Once you
installed, you can save the bibliography from your browser.
Q: zotore plugin / ribbon in MS word doesn't appear.
A: some of the problem solved by re-install the word add-in. Go to Preference - Cite - word processor.
Choose the "install Microsoft word Add-in". And dont forget to restart your MS Office
As you can see in this illustration below.
Q: I can not have footnote written in my document automatically when I cite using zotero
A: If you can cite properly and the references also working flawlessly, mostlikely you are not using correct Citation Styles.
Please add and download the citation style that support footnote.
Q: Why does my document look like this?
A: it is so simple, just click Alt+F9