Zotero part 13: Migration from one PC to Another (or buying new laptop)

In this scenario, suppose you buy new laptop while you already have many bibliographic items in zotero. Moreover, you have plenty of collection folders, and you dont want to redo everything into your new PC.

How do we do it ?

Note that, this method have been tried in several condition in my case:

  1. Windows PC to another windows PC
  2. Linux to Linux (Ubuntu to Mint)
  3. Linux to MacOS (Mint to MacOS)

All three above can be done vice versa.
I have not been able to try from PC to Mac or vice versa.

The basic idea of these steps are moving the folder that contain database of Zotero, by copy it to thumb drive or external harddrive and then paste/move to destination computer.

Step One
Find your database folder location. If you follow my instruction in zotero part 1, you will have your specific data location. If not, then you will have default location which is

  1. macOS  –> /Users/<username>/Zotero
  2. Windows 7 and higher  –> C:\Users\<User Name>\Zotero
  3. Linux –> ~/Zotero

All you have to do is, copy that folder to thumb drive (flash disk). Remember, if you already have a lot of database of bibliographic, the folder size is expected to be big.

You can find the location of the folder from menu Preferences – Advance – Files Folder, whether it is in default location or your own specific location.

Step Two
In your destination computer, install the zotero.

After that, copy the the zotero database folder from your thumb drive into your destination drive and folder. Once you have done copying the file, in Zotero, go to menu Preferences – Advance – Files Folder.

And choose the zotero folder within your computer.
Click ok, and restart the zotero.

Voila, all your collection and items in Zotero from your old computer, is in your new computer.