zotero part 15: export library ke endnote

Many times, I’ve been ask about moving the collection to endnote. And I will try to explain it below.
For you that have just begun using bibliographic software, changing software is not a problem. But for me, for example, I ‘ve been using zotero since 2008 with more than 5 thousand items and changing software is not an option. No way.

This is simple things to do, only export and import.

First, in zotero, we have to export the collection. You can choose from the entire library or only one of the folder (collection).

And then right click choose export.

Don’t forget to choose the RIS format.

Click OK, and then choose the place where you want to save the file.

Second step, from EndNote side. It is simple, just import that .ris file.
Click on the menu “File” and then choose “import“. After that you should choose the file. Remember where you put your .ris file ? Point it in that folder. Don’t forget set the import option to¬†“Reference Manager (RIS)”. The last step, click Import