Video Conference using Zoom : what to prepare

My institution have subscription using to serve our needs of video conference. This is a simple how to prepare for joining the ZOOM for the first time.

Join a ZOOM meeting need an invitation. Anybody who register (for free) in zoom, is able to host a meeting. Of course it has certain limitation compare to the paid user.
If you want to join, then you need and invitation, send by the host.

Way before join, you need to prepare your computer/laptop to be ready to join the video conference.

  1. You need to have stable internet connection.
    Based on our experience, even using mobile phone is possible.
  2. Prepare you input and output device :
    A web cam (or integrated webcam in your PC/laptop).
    A microphone (or the integrated mic in your PC/laptop)
    and speaker or headphone.if you don’t want to use webcam,is also fine,but that mean you will join conference with audio only.
  3. Register for account, if you want to. But this step is not mandatory if you only need to join the meeting, without having the need to host a meeting.
  4. Download and install small software, so that your computer is able to join the meeting. Don’t worry, this is pretty small, it wont take long.

First, go to , and straight to the bottom of the page

Click on the Test Zoom, after you click that link, it will show you new page.

And if you never use zoom before, this web will show you to install small zoom software for the first time.
After the download complete, click that zoom ..exe to install.

This will pop up to your computer. Wait for a while.

And begin the process of setting up your PC
Enter you name which will appear in the room. You could click “remember my name …” so that you will have that name everytime you join zoom meeting.

After that, complete the sign in process by testing your sound, mic, and web cam.
Test the sound is the first step

The next one is testing your microphone
After you can hear sound, your own voice using mic and back to your speaker / headphone. Everything ready.
For the web cam, most likely, will be plug n play, no need to install anything (if you are using PC), if you are using laptop, then its in there already

Well basically that’s all. Your computer is ready to join zoom meeting
You just need to wait the invitation from the host.
And you are in web conference. Havefun