Research Method is a whole Process of the research: a simple analogy

Last night, one of my student came te me and ask a question. It is about the research method.
This is the story…

One of my student got a question from her supv, simple one, but confusing (for her). How can you sure that your intervention is the one that influence and create the change in the result.

And suddenly I remember something that quite long time ago, I want to write about, which is the analogy of research method. Ok, I will not answer that question, but explain something else. The research method it self.

First. Remember, that research method in your thesis is not about statistical analysis. Big mistake
Second. Research method is about the whole process of your research. All of the aspect that able to produce a good, valid and reliable result(s).

I will explain it with an analogy. Let say you go from you home to your campus. And then I ask you, what is the most important aspect of your journey to campus ?
You might say that the motorbike plays the most important role.

Hmm … it is true, but …you have to remember another things …
In order to arrive safely from home to campus, there are three main aspect : the motorbike itself, the biker, the road/ the route.

1) The motorbike factor, you have to make sure that the bike is running well and have no technical issues. You put enough gasoline. And dont forget, you have to pay the tax too. Otherwise it is not legal running on the street.
2) The route. It is important to understand the best route to get there.
3) You, your self, the rider. This is important. You are the one that ride it. Control it. And decide what to do.

What I meant is, when you go from point A to point B, there are many factors that influence your trip. These factor create the successfulness of your trip. You can go fast or slow, choose the small road or main road but longer. The combination of these action that actually can make this happened.

If you choose to ride the bike very fast, but you choose small and unpaved road, this is not good. Especially if you ride a small tire scooter. Or you choose healthy motorbike, with a 1L engine, and planning to ride it very fast, then you cannot choose the small road. Make your self in danger.
This process is a combination of all of those processes from each of the factor. So many consideration of to choose the variable for each factor. Some have negative side, some with the positive impact. But with the end goal, arrive safely and on time, you should consider which action is the best for you.

Back to research method, you have to think that this is a series of actions. Then the series of the actions are intended to create a good , valid and reliable result. The research method then could be define as the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information to answer questions or solve a problem.

To make a good research, it has to be follow certain criteria. Just like ride a motor bike from point A to B, you have to meet certain process in order to arrive safely and timely. Some of the good research method criteria are :
1) Clear and logical work flow order
2) Based on evidence on every single step
3) Replicable and doable
4) It can answer the research question(s)

That’s it. Simple analogy of research method, I hope that it can give you clear understanding to start your research.
Enjoy your research.