RealTimeSync in Linux Mint : Free Continuous Data Back-up

Data back-up is important. Having only back-up data is not enough. As my experience during my PhD program, I had 5 data back-up. Remember, there is NO too many back-up. One of it is using Dropbox, and I know many of us are using this service too.
FreeFileSync is one of data back-up that able to make real time copy of our works, just like when we use Dropbox.

I will explain little bit about back-up. As we are aware, many of us are using Dropbox (still most favorite one). This type of back-up is making exact copy of our data at the same time (when you are online). This called continuous data back-up.

There is another type of data back-up, which is version data back-up. Usually they do back-up by schedule, ie daily, monthly or whatever you set the time.

I am about to discuss only the back-up which is like Dropbox but not using internet. In my laptop, I have a flashdrive that always attached. I am using low profile flashdrive, so I dont need to worry of snap it. Why ? Because I am not always working with internet, but having back-up of what I am doing in my laptop is important (I do have version back-up every week or so, when I remember though).

The complete how to of installing the FreeFileSync and also RealTimeSync can be found here and spesifically here. It is pretty clear, BUT

I am using linux, and they provide software for linux too, but the setting to work with RealTimeSync is windows only. So I have to search here and there to find how to do it.

This is the image from the website. It is windows only. Turn out for linux is different.
Important step (for linux user), put your .ffs_batch file into your root in the flash drive.

Below is my setting in my Linux Mint
Look at my setting, in the command line, little bit different compare to the windows base setting. This is how I finally can make this RealTimeSync works.

And if you see the Drag & Drop, that is the folder in which you will put the copy of the “watching folder”. The BACKUP32GB is my flashdrive’s name.
Why do I have many folder to put all my watching folder ?
Because I have may folders that I want to back-up into my flashdrive, and therefore I have to create many folder too in my flashdrive. 1 folder copy to 1 folder. I tried to copy all folder in my computer to only 1 folder in my flashdisk with RealTimeSync, It doesnot work.

So, that is my setting of RealTimeSync in order to be able to work in my Linux Mint. And you could try the same.

Remember, dont forget to make back-up.