Your computer is powerful enough, even better from the Apollo 11 ‘s computer

I ask this to my students alot : how do you use your computer ? typing ? watching movie ?
Dont you know that your computer is far more powerful compare to the computer used in Apollo 11 mission ?

The mission to the moon in 1969, with the Apollo 11 mission use “old” computer. But hey, it landed safely and brought the astronaut back to the earth.

Lets compare it with iPhone 6.
The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) is having the abilities to computer 41.6 instruction per Second, while it ran at 43 KHz.
Whilst the iPhone 6 operates at 1.4 GHZ and is able to process the instruction 3.36 billion (milyar in bahasa Indonesia) per Second.

So, your iPhone 6 have 130.000 times more than Apollo in clock frequency. iPhone 6 is 31.600 times faster than Apollo. And overall, the performance of the iPhone is 120.000.000 times faster than Apollo
or 1 iPhone 6 is able to guide 120 million Apollo at the same time.

Well, the moral message of this story is :
Your computer is good enough to land on the moon. Even your phone is so powerful.
As a student, you should be able to produce more than just a copy-paste document. Do a good research. Produce extraordinary things …

It is a matter of choosing the correct version of software or operating system and your computer will work flawlessly, and superfast.