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Literature Review : an Introduction

How do we review literature? In my case, students often mixed interpretation reviewing the literature and making review paper. Furthermore, after having a critical appraisal class or discussing background theory chapter in their thesis, they claim that they do already a systematic literature review. Is that all true?

Academic writing tips 6 : From Title to Literature Review

This is a request writing that came to me several days ago. The aim of this article is giving simple guideline for students to develop a good literature review. Hence they can understand why they need to conduct a research (chapter one), what is the background theory (chapter two) and what is the best method …

Academic Writing tips 5 : making a review paper

What I meant here is making a paper journal review, with the aim of good quality journal. Not just any journal, nor “only” a class assignment to review journal. I wrote this based on my experience published a systematic review in high impact journal in my field and supervising research thesis in a form of …

Manage your tab in browser : organize your life

So many times I saw my students or my colleague having more than one tabs in their browser. I even thought that they are open thousands of web …

Academic writing tips 4 : Mensitasi undang-undang dan peraturan pemerintah dalam Bahasa Inggris

Beberapa kali mendapat pertanyaan, tentang penulisan sitasi peraturan perundangan Indonesia kedalam bahasa Inggris. Masalah utamanya bukan bagaimana cara mensitasinya menggunakan zotero, tapi bagaimana aturan penulisan dalam Bahasa Inggris. Berikut ada beberapa contoh yang bisa dijadikan referensi.

Academic writing tips 4 : Summarize your references in a “Technical Notes”

How do you start your writing ? well first, you have to have background knowledge. Put some information inside your brain. And to make it easier to understand to recall, make a summarize. This is the form of knowledge that I usually use and teach to my students. Technical Notes.

Academic Writing Tips 2: Avoid blocking and Write Your Ideas

Writing for some students, is a daunting task. I have the same experience, even since my elementary school. Things change when I had to write a paper for my dissertation. Writing has to become my second nature. So, what is the trick ?

Sumber Kepustakaan Berbayar : Bagaimana Mendapatkannya

Ini adalah permasalah yang sering mengemuka, medapatkan artikel yang berbayar. Menjadi masalah karena bisa jadi untuk mendapatkan satu full paper, kita harus membayar USD 30. Jika hanya satu bisa jadi tidak masalah, namun dalam proses penelitian, kita harus membaca banyak paper hanya untuk mendapatkan gambaran awal penelitian kita. Lalu berapa harga yang harus dibayar, mengingat …

Mencari Sumber Kepustakaan : Sebuah Tips

Kualitas penelitian adalah isu yang penting ketika mencari sumber kepustakaan. Karena jika anda membaca sebuah sumber yang tidak terpercaya, dan anda mempercayainya, maka ada kemungkinana pengetahuan yang tidak tepat akan ter-patri pada memori anda. Dan dapat berakibat pada kesalahan logika yang dibangun pada tulisan akademis kita.¬†Artikel ini mencoba memberikan tips sederhana bagi para mahasiswa yang …