Manage your tab in browser : organize your life

So many times I saw my students or my colleague having more than one tabs in their browser. I even thought that they are open thousands of web …
Above is just illustration, still few tabs, according to my experience in witnessing multi-tab. Like I said, so many tabs that make them confuse choosing which one is which.

Dear my students, you have to remember that opening tab also eat you memory (consume the RAM). You should consider to close the one that you do not need it anymore at the time you use the computer. So, for you that have limited resource of RAM, consider to limit the amount fo the tabs. Otherwise it will slow down your computer.

If you ask me, whether I open many tabs ? Yes I do. This is how I manage :
Basically, I am not only having many tabs, but also many windows (browser). You can find it in chrome (other browser also having the same feature, tab and window)

I will divide my windows’ browser according to the needs or domain of working.
First, windows for routinely check (email) and entertainment.
Second, work related. Since I am a lecture, this windows will be everything about my research, project, or my writing. Including the searching of literature.
Third, or may be fourth … I create this whenever I have to do something else. For example teaching or coaching somebody. Why so that we will focus on our task.

Well, actually, I am the type of person that can not do the same task and focus for a long time period (ie making books). Usually I will do something else in the middle of it. Do you know why ? Because I want to be a productive person. If I cannot write a research article, then I will write in my blog. If I cannot think at all, I will do repetitive works, such as managing my files structure, tidying my data, or reading.
So, with this type of browser organisation, it help me a lot.

But wait, one more thing !
I am a long time Linux user, I get used to work with so called “virtual desktop”. This is actually a virtual spaceĀ of a computer’s desktop environment. In Linux, this is by default is installed and ready to use. Move to Mac, it also provide this virtualization, by default.
For you, windows OS users, it need to set up first, before you can use it (you can read it here).

So, the way I manage is, I have two active desktop. Each of my browser windows is in separate desktop. Therefor I can focus in particular task. For example, in the working related desktop there will be a window’s browser of the “working related”, words software to write my paper, zotero for my citation, etc.

Remember, this type of arrangement in your computer, will need quite big RAM. That’s why, I always have a big RAM in my computer. I don’t really need fast computation, or fast processor.

Ciao … enjoy organising your browser and your desktop.