Literature Review : an Introduction

How do we review literature? In my case, students often mixed interpretation reviewing the literature and making review paper. Furthermore, after having a critical appraisal class or discussing background theory chapter in their thesis, they claim that they do already a systematic literature review.
Is that all true?

Well, I will not answer those questions. Rather than, in this series, I will explain to my students in making a literature review. And with the goal that they will be able to publish that in a journal.

I will divide the writing into a series of skills that you have to understand.

  1. Managing your computer, do you know why? when your computer is not well managed, usually you keep your files un-structured. You put anything anywhere, and usually, the computer also becomes slow. A slow computer will not make you work comfortably. And in the end, you won’t produce a good product. I wrote an article here, explaining a little bit about managing our own computer.
  2. Managing your information. This is an important skill you have to understand and do. Everything you read and learn should be kept in a manageable system. Otherwise, you will be lost in the jungle of information. You need a personal assistant, and you learn everything you need to know from this link (don’t forget to start from part 1).
  3. Basic searching using Pubmed
  4. Generating Idea into a workable research project (a literature review). First reading, reading review paper, and finding the gap in the area.
  5. Up-scaling your reading capabilities by speeding up your reading skills
  6. Collecting facts into your own notes by creating technical notes.
  7. Creating systematically literature review. From your research question, systematically findings the evidence, systematically analyze, and writing your findings.
  8. Publish your work

Let’s rock