Easy Stat : Ordinary people talks about statistic

Many of my students or my colleague are afraid of statistic. Statistic is not the favourite subject. This series Easy Stat writing is my attempt to explain statistic in easy way. In my point of view, a person who never touch math or read a formula since I was graduate from high school. This is statistic without formula, this is statistic in narrative just like a novel …well hopefully… 🙂

Disclaimer, I am by no means is a statistician nor have a background education in statistic. I am only a lecturer/researcher who use statistic as a tools in my research.

In my point of view, statistic is important. But for us — not a statistician nor a theorist or researcher in the statistic field — when study from the statistician guru, most of the time make us confused. Me, personally, feel that statistic is difficult and impossible to understand. They teach us so many things, and many of them were not use or never use by us.

So in my opinion, I should learn statistic only for our needs only. Ignore anything else.
Learn statistic as if you learn how to use knife when you are cooking. You dont need to know how to create knife, but all you need is the reason how to use certain type of knife to cut specific ingredient. If you want to cut meat, then you have to know that there is meat knife, or even fillet knife. Your goal is having a good cut. But that cut is not the ultimate goal, your ultimate goal is you can create a good cook.

Research is not far from that analogy, this statistic, is only the knife. One of the tools that you need to know how to use it in order to conduct a research. Do not focus in your knife, focus in your research. Master the skills of using knife. Do not focus on how to create a good knife ….

Regarding statistic, one of statistician said that, you are learning on how to use statistic to explain phenomena that you look for. You are not studying to dig deeply about the “statistic knowledge” as a subject of research. You are the user.
And we have to remember that statistic is about logic, if it doesn’t make sense, you should be aware.

Now, hopefully I can deliver series of statistic for ordinary people, like me, in the future writing in my blog. A series of statistic without formula … statistic just like a fiction novel that you cannot help your self not to open the next page ….