Things to consider 01: a case of measuring satisfaction

In one of my paper, I clearly mention about validity and reliability of a assessment rubrics, that to measure “a thing”, we have to use a correct measurement tools. Another consideration of using measurement tools is the procedure of measurement it self.

Now, this is what I found during my discussion with one of my student. He want to make a research about the satisfaction of customers. The customer is the patient in hospital. And he want to measure the satisfaction within the Emergency Room (ER).

What do you think ? What is the crucial aspect that you should consider if you want to measure this condition ?
Dearest students, a researcher should use their common sense to evaluate and questioning their own opinion or thought. First, let see the measurement tools. In this case, my students want to measure it using a questionnaire. You should use a valid and reliable tools. Otherwise, your measurement result is questionable. Can I trust the result ? Just like when you are weighting yourself on the scale, you stand up on it, and see the result. Oh no !!! It is going up 3 kg. But then you will think, hmm is this scale is working properly ? Am I really have gain some extra weight ? or not ?
So, in order to avoid that. You should use the proper measurement tools. In my paper (click here), I suggest that, I’d rather to modified other measurement tools and adapted and modified it, to make sure it does fit to my need. Creating a new, good valid and reliable questionnaire is a whole too much job to do for you (in this case my student in master program of hospital management). Because I want you to concentrate on the research and find the good fact of the hospital management aspect. Rather than being a psychometrician that their job is creating a questionnaire. This will be a different research.

Second thing to consider in this particular case. Who on earth people that satisfied and happy during or after their visit to an ER ??? Think of your self, would you happy ? Seeing people that might dying next to your bed, or somebody that just had a car accident, or whatever terrible happened out there. It will be unpleasant experience. And if you want to ask the family members that accompanied, most likely will be not a good things either. You might thing asking them after getting of from the cashier (for the payment purposes). It even worst. They got sick and have to paid !!
This is the part when you are trying to measuring using standardize measurement tools, you should consider the method of measuring it self. The illustration is measuring the your own weight. We know that to measure your weight, we have to use a scale. A weight scale. But you also have to remember, that measuring baby weight also using weight scale. The same tools, weight scale, but different purpose and different method on how to use it. You weight ur self by standing up on the scale, and you put the baby lay on the scale during measuring. Totally different method. And of course, your weight scale can’t be use to measure baby weight. Well, you can, but then it won’t be accurate. In baby weight scale, it shows smallest scale number. You can see the differences in gram, not only in KG. If you measure ur self in baby weight scale, will make the scale not working (broken because of your weight).
And, regarding measuring the satisfaction of patient in ER ? You should think a solution to make sure a proper measuring process to get a good result. It depend on the condition of the hospital it self and the characteristic of the customer in that hospital too.

The lesson learn in this story were :
1. You have to use a standardize , valid and reliable, measurement tools to achieve a trustable result.
2. A proper method to use the tools in order to measure, is a mandatory, to reach the valid and reliable results.

Happy research, my students.


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