Using Google Drive as a Back-up Storage

In this article, we will talk about making a back-up storage using a popular account , google. There are only two important steps here, installing google backup in your computer and choosing your folder to be backed-up.

Google gives a tool to back-up you computer to google drive in Windows. Interestingly, finding the app is somewhat confusing at first. If you look at the icon of google apps  in your gmail, you wont able to find that apps.

For those who don’t know where the google apps is, it is located on the write corner in your google account (let say in you gmail).

Click that icon, and you will see the list of apps. But then you will not be able to find it there.

Even when you tried to search other apps, you will find these two third party apps, which is not what we are looking for.

So, where should we find it ? Go to google and type “google drive download”, you will find the link. It is . Click on the personal backup and sync.

After the download process is done, click to setup the apps. Of course, at this point you have to connect to internet. The downloaded file is a small file that when you click to install, it will start to download the big-part of the apps.

Enter your google account. And follow the instructions.

In the second step, you will choose what folder to sync to google drive.

I did not choose the 3 default folder. I choose folder in my dedicated data place, which is drive D.

And remember, in third step, I did not sync my drive to my computer, since my intention is to back-up my computer to google, not the other way around. So, un-tick the option.

And you are done. You will see a small icon next to the date/time. Show the process of the synchronization

Congratulation, now you have (another) back-up for your important files. Remember, there is no “to many back-up”.


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